A Holistic and Trustworthy Senior Care Provider

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Providing Compassionate Care in Your Twilight Years

Amanda Avery, Owner 

Key of Life provides a natural and holistic approach to senior care. I offer health care services to senior citizens, people with dementia, and those who need palliative care.


  • Advocacy
  • Accompany to Appointments, Shopping, Errands, Outings, and Vacation/Travel
  • Assistance With ADLs
  • Attending Care Conferences/Doctor’s Appointments
  • Behavioural Management
  • Daily Assessments to Measure Improvements, Declines, and Needs
  • Individualized, Person-Centered, and Flexible Plans of Care
  • Light Housekeeping/Estate Cleans/Downsizing
  • Medication Reminders/Administration
  • Nutritious Meals/Organic (When Possible) Home-Cooked Meals and Delivered
  • One-to-One Support for Clients and Caregivers/Family
  • Outings/Activities Focused on Physical and Social Enrichment
  • Vacation Companion


I'm a retired RPN and have been a healthcare professional for over 20 years. I believe in a natural approach to aging, dementia, palliative care. My approach is tailored to the individual needs of the people I care for. Individualized plans of care that are person centered and flexible to meet the changing needs of each client. Close relationships are the key to successful aging.

My goal is to assist my clients to live a life of purpose and meaning while enhancing their quality of life with dignity and respect. I provide care in hospitals, LTC, retirement homes, personal homes.

Began working in LTC in 1990 - over the years found it very frustrating and felt I was not able to do my job completely and to the best of my abilities due to severe cut backs to health care. I felt like I was constantly rushing people in all aspects of activities of ADL’s. There was no time to sit quietly and talk, engage in a positive way, make the residents feel safe, supported and care for.

This caused me moral distress. I knew how I wanted to provide care and working in systems that didn't allow me to, gave me incentive and motivation to work with individuals privately.

I believe that the psycho-social needs of people in general, never mind the aging, dementia and ill are essential to maintaining a quality of life and well being. Each year I see the need to grow for extra supports in LTC, retirement homes and personal homes. It is only going to get worse with the way our healthcare system is going.

Having an awareness of psycho-social needs and how those needs can be met, are essential for delivering high quality holistic care that enable persons with dementia, loneliness, terminally ill diseases to live a life of purpose and meaning.

People with dementia, aging, palliative are at risk of being isolated and lonely. Social contact, confident/trusting relationships and meaningful varied activities are factors that must be emphasized to increase the quality of life and well being. Apathy, depression, anxiety, fear, irritability are common symptoms of dementia.

Along with medications, non pharmacological interventions have an important role in dementia care: cognitive therapy, social support/groups, reminiscence, music, animals, outings, walks outdoors, touch. Decrease in: anxiety, depression, restlessness, agitation, behaviors, mild cognitive impairment. Increase in: socialization, trust/bonding, energy, more positive mood, calmness/relaxation.

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What Sets Me Apart 

I look at the person as a whole—mind, body, and spirit—and not just the disease. I constantly think outside the box to ensure that my clients have a valuable, engaging, and natural experience that will enhance their lives in every way possible. I want my clients to find meaning and purpose at every stage of their lives.

I help clients adjust to lifestyle changes by getting to know them deeper and knowing the story of their lives before they had their diseases. I would like people to feel my passion for what I do. I want them to see my model of care and what sets me apart from others. I would like it to be sincere and make people interested in calling to find out more information

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Awards and Recognition

  • Bereavement Certification
  • Driver's Abstract
  • Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA)
  • Hospice Training Certification
  • Liability Insurance
  • Management and Leadership in Nursing
  • March 2019 Vulnerable Police Check
  • RPN Certification
  • St. John's - CPR, First Aid/AED Level C 

Mission/Vision Statement 

My goal is to assist my clients to live a life of purpose and meaning while enhancing their quality of life with dignity and respect.

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